Quest Performance Program - Continuing Clients

75.00 USD

A one month continuing service subscription for continuing clients. For clients who wish to continue the coaching services I offer after the initial one month subscription, the fee is reduced from the start up fee because the familiarity I will have developed with you and because we are not starting from a new program, but rather continuing the ever evolving program we have developed together. Even if your goals, or other fitness factors, change and a programmatic “overhaul” is required, the familiarity we have developed still makes the work load on my end easier and so I can offer a lower cost for continuation than for those just starting up. I want to pass these savings on to you so you can use that money for other life goals and to make it easier for you to continue on with the progress you are making and to thank you for letting me be your coach. -Unlimited consulting correspondence -responses within 24 hrs of receipt (except Sunday).

Additional info

I no longer offer more than a one month subscription. I used to do so at discounted rates. However, I have come to believe that a monthly recommitment is necessary from a psychological level. While I am sure you are committed, I don’t ever want to find myself in a position of accepting money from someone who refuses the services they are paying me for. Since I cannot offer refunds simply because a client loses interest (though I know you won’t), I have decided upon a month to month resubscription plan, thus ensuring continued interest and avoiding tying you into a financial commitment beyond your one month plan. Also, if there is a break in service of more than three weeks. (E.g you let your subscription ended and more than 21 days has passed, we do have to start over, and you have to get e new program because too many things could have changed in that time period.) There is no shame in that, as it may be necessary from time to time depending on your finances, life requirements, or other legitimate issues, and unless you are just starting out or have had some outstanding life event occur, you’re not likely to have lost all the progress you previously made. However, since it is a significant period of time and some fitness performance could have changed in that timeframe, significant work will be required on my end to make sure we have you back on track as safely, effectively and efficiently as possible. So it’s no big deal if this happens, but a new starter program will be required if three week period of time lapses. On the other hand, this allows you time to take off for special vacations, holidays, unforeseen financial obligations, emergencies or other necessary pauses, that take less than this period of time while still allowing you to benefit from the reduced cost of continuing your subscription. That said, the subscription is for one continuous month once it’s purchased and that commitment is made. The program doesn’t stop once it’s started, and that’s good because you can use the coaching to maintain your fitness and continue your progress while dealing with life’s challenges. I’m here to help with those issues. I’ve experienced that sort of thing myself. The three week time period above only applies after the subscription expires. Quality of service and your results will depend on your engagement with the program. I cannot make you respond to emails, phone calls or other correspondence necessary to get your feedback and I will not harass you to do so, although I will send a weekly reminder once a week for the duration of your subscription (unless you specify otherwise). However, if you have come this far in your search for a guide to help you achieve your fitness goals, I imagine you plan to be engaged in the process. If that’s the case, know that I am eager and willing to help you as much as is needed, I understand the confusion of navigating through all of the fitness information out there, and I understand and appreciate your desire to be the best you can be. It is not only not a problem, but my hope that you will avail yourself of the consultation availability beyond just the weekly consultation. The better we know each other, the greater assistance I can be.