Starter Quest Performance Program

Price: 96.00 USD
A first time, one month service subscription which includes: -Tailored training regimen for strength, power, endurance, flexibility, physique development and other fitness factors, to be adjusted as you progress as part of the service as long as you’re subscribed. This program will be based on your fitness goals and personal fitness status (health, current fitness level, and lifestyle and career, personal interests, requirements and other factors) we will discuss during phone conversations and emails at a time convenient for you. (Personal meetings available upon request to anyone within a 50 mile radius of Gore, Virginia when scheduling is possible.) -One month of continued distance coaching (via phone, email or other electronic means) throughout the time of the subscription with a minimum of one weekly progress tracking consultation. Also includes availability (at no additional charge) to provide coaching, addressing any questions, concerns, or challenges you may have or for the encouragement and motivation you may need. In those cases, responses will typically be within 24 hours of receipt of your request for such discussion (with the exception of Sunday).

Quest Performance Program - Continuing Clients

Price: 49.00 USD
A one month continuing service subscription for continuing clients. For clients who wish to continue the coaching services I offer after the initial one month subscription, the fee is reduced from the start up fee because the familiarity I will have developed with you and because we are not starting from a new program, but rather continuing the ever evolving program we have developed together. Even if your goals, or other fitness factors, change and a programmatic “overhaul” is required, the familiarity we have developed still makes the work load on my end easier and so I can offer a lower cost for continuation than for those just starting up. I want to pass these savings on to you so you can use that money for other life goals and to make it easier for you to continue on with the progress you are making and to thank you for letting me be your coach. -Unlimited consulting correspondence -responses within 24 hrs of receipt (except Sunday).