About Your Trainer and Advisor

This program is about you, not me. And we will get to know each other well through frequent correspondence. But so you may know how I may be of assistance in your pursuit to become your best, I offer the following background.


I understand fitness training.

I started my own training as a kid in order to be in my best shape for sports, self defense and because it increased my sense of confidence.  I have been studying and practicing the science and art of fitness in it's various aspects all of those years and thus have learned through experience as well as from the books.  I acquired my first trainer certification from the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) in 2000 and have maintained it since, while acquiring additional certifications as well. I have trained numerous clients, both for a living at times, and pro bono for family, friends and co-workers.  This training has provided me with knowledge to efficiently apply the appropriate training principles and protocols for a wide variety of body-types, fitness levels and fitness goals.  I can help anyone who brings the motivation and dedication to achieve his or her goals.


I understand priorities and the challenges of life.

My life has given me a broad experience and an understanding of prioritizing objectives in life. I served in the US Army for four years after graduating from the Virginia Military Institute. I owned a small business. I have worked in an office and I have worked at jobs that required frequent travel. I still do. I earned my MBA from Regis University while working a full time job and taking care of my family. I'm happily married and the proud father of six outstanding children.  I have and continue to compete as an amateur, natural bodybuilder and am training to pursue additional goals of competing in raw powerlifting and long distance running. (Yes, you can do both.)  Keeping current on new discoveries and ideas in the realm of fitness is relevant for me as both a trainer, student and practitioner of living fit.


I understand the emotional and physical difficulties we all face and how to overcome them and/or work with them.

I won't list the challenges I've faced in life here,  but we've all faced many of them.  There is no getting out of life's challenges for any of us. They include physical and psychological fatigue, family emergencies and losses, financial stress, medical issues and a myriad of other frustrations.  It's part of the deal for this awesome opportunity for existence. How we handle the uncontrollable, has a great effect on our success and sense of fulfillment.  Sometimes we have to adjust our training protocols to handle these things, sometimes our training is just what we need to get through them.  I'm not a trained counselor and cannot provide the services of one. However I am a human being and a certified trainer.  While I will not provide excuses for anyone to give up on his or herself, I can relate to your challenges. Because of that, I can help you continue the pursuit of your own quest while dealing with the hard times life throws at us.  It's not always about "sucking it up" and "driving on".  Sometimes we need to be flexible and adjust in the short term for the long term gain and "bigger picture ".  Sometimes it is about stoically driving on. If this were easy, everyone would do it. But you haven't read this far because you're looking for easy.  You're looking to be your best.


The following are my trainer certifications.

Fitness Trainer, Certified since 2000 - ISSA

Endurance Fitness Trainer, Certified since 2009 - ISSA

Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, Certified since 2013 - ISSA